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Joel Crawford

Joel @ MD


Margo Crawford

Margo @ MD

Years of Experience in design and production

Is it just us, or is it getting really hard to find good goods? In a word of plastic and bargain quality it gets a little frustrating to get the quality products that you want.

We noticed.

In 2012 we took a leap and started crafting high quality goods for high quality good folks like you. It wasn’t easy, but it was wonderful and a little terrifying. Along the way a weird thing started happening, people liked us and they liked the efforts of our labor. We were pleased.

It was then our Spartan Knife Block hit the front pages of lots of media sites and all the sudden our little shop got a lot bigger. It was amazing (and again, terrifying) and we began to send an army of Spartans out into the world.

Now we are a smallish American company with a dedicated crew of talented craftsmen that take the best raw materials and shape them into the best products. We couldn’t be prouder of our story.

What will tomorrow bring? We don’t know, but whatever it is, we’ll still be making good goods.

  • 2008

    Joel and Margo barely squeak through the start of the Great Recession. Joel finds a passion in woodworking. 

  • 2012

    Missing Digit Woodshop opens its doors with Joel and Margo at the helm.

  • 2014

    One of our products, the Spartan Knife Block, goes "viral" and is seen by hundreds of millions of people. Sales rocket. We hit the ground running.

  • 2015

    We expand our product line with the addition of our Beer Flights and PagePals. Missing Digit Woodshop upgrades to a 5000 sqft shop.

  • 2016

    The Verge, Gizmodo lists us in their Christmas shopping guide. 

  • 2018

    Missing Digit Woodshop becomes the largest producer of domestically-made Beer Flights in the country.

  • 2019

    MDW Crew continue to build amazing products with the use of upgraded machinery and new designs.

Quality runs through the entire workshop, from every craftsman to each tool.

Joel Crawford

Modern equipment coupled with traditional quality

Equipment matters. But not for the reason you’d think, we use a variety of computers, lasers, and automated machines to do our job. However, while the technology is new the art is ancient and requires skilled craftsman dedicated to their work.

Our Philosophy

Design a better mousetrap. Not because the old one doesn’t work. But because it could be better. Working with wood, if we’re honest, can be a bit dull. Our process starts with a question, “How can we make this interesting?”. The answer, is often design and functional changes that make a product both interesting and better to use. Our Spartan Knife Block is a shining example of that philosophy. Our Beer Flights were the first in the world to utilize chalk board to make the design more functional. Our PagePals help thousands of arthritic readers hold open a book. We talk a lot about quality, but quality starts first in the design.


Quirky fun designs

For thousands of years craftsmen have been making functional and beautiful items out of wood. We are proud of that heritage. When we wanted to make our own mark, we wanted to make it fun, too. Our designs are unique, quirky, and inspire conversation.


Sustainable Wood Stock

Let’s be honest here “green” is a great and powerful marketing pitch. Sometimes it’s helpful, other times the words ring hollow. But the best part of working with wood is working with wood sawyers and yards that use sustainable harvesting techniques. They’ve been doing it right long before it was a fad. It’s in their best interest (and ours) to keep these forests alive and healthy. We’re proud to be a part of this ecosystem.


quality in everything

“Quality is everything?” In Good products start with good people. It’s easy to buy a better quality brand. It’s easy to buy a better quality lumber. It’s much harder to find and nurture the right people for the job. Quality starts with the craftsman. When you get that right “quality in everything” becomes easy.


excellence in customer support

We can’t do what we love to do without the patronage of our customers. The internet can be a cold and desolate wasteland when it comes to buying and selling. We are real people making interesting things for real people. Your enjoyment is the ultimate currency we deal in. If you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact us.

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