A collection of our works.

Spartan Knife Block

You can pretend they’re there for easy access, but there’s something primevally enjoyable about leaving your cutting implements on display in a knife block. It’s like knights mounting swords on the wall of a castle, and it’s also why this knife block that looks like a Spartan under attack is particularly amusing. It’s even got a spot for your knife sharpener, although this Spartan might want to choose another weapon to go on the offensive with.

Mr. Body Cutting Board

Made from the finest walnut this handcrafted “who-done-it” is a sure conversation starter. This very special design and materials making this cutting board unlike any other on the market. The chalk outline is accomplished by using a food grade plastic inlaid deep into the black walnut for a completely unique look. The cutting board is perfect for preparation or presentation – Imagine your guests taking the last few pieces of cheese off to reveal the outline form of a body.

PagePal Page Holder

Great fit for your pocket, bag or case, the PagePal Page Holder is the perfect accessory to reading. Keep one or give one away to your favorite bibliophile – Sure it’s a great gift! And you’ll be happy to know that after hand polishing the last coats of food-safe finish, your PagePal is lovingly placed into a small decorative bag to either tote around or slip into someone’s stocking. We promise you won’t be disappointed in this elegant (and useful) addition – We guarantee the quality of every one we make.

Mule Runner

The Mule Runner is a small batch limited run Moscow Mule tray and drink set, made by the artisans at Missing Digit Woodshop. With the onslaught of imported copper mugs we think those that want a fine beverage deserve a better class of delivery, presentation and quality.

And Many More

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