Bad Ass Office Spartan – Desktop Edition


“You bring the bosses and executives of conquered companies to my cubical steps. You insult my printer. You threaten my coworkers with slavery and write-ups! Oh, I’ve chosen my words carefully, Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same! TPS reports?!! THIS IS SPARTA!”

Today is the day you bring a bit of Sparta into your life!

Your desk will have the honor of hosting one of the finest pen & pencil holders to ever defeat the wrath of so many armies.

Able to hold all sorts of instruments of destruction (or pens, if you so choose), your new BAOS (Bad Ass Office Spartan) will be the talk of the shop.

You must defend your kingdom, but we wouldn’t ever leave you without your trusty spear letter opener to fight off the horde of junk mail or (6) arrow fletchings (that double as erasers). And don’t forget that the base holds your business cards or a pack of Post-It Notes.


Natural, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black are your colors of choice. 

Includes: Office Spartan, (1) Letter Opener, (6) Eraser Fletchings

Perfect size for your desk just standing over 7 inches (18cm) tall.

Shipping is USPS for US and international.

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Natural, Black (+$3.00), Blue (+$3.00), Red (+$3.00), Yellow (+$3.00)

Extra Arrow Fletchings

None, 6 (+$5.00), 12 (+$9.00)


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